Advanced Diesel-Electric Powertrain Technology

The concept of intelligent electrification enables highly aggressive engine down-sizing and down-speeding beyond what might normally be possible other than through more expensive hybridisation approaches.  This is achieved through the use of torque assist from electrically harvested energy, temporarily stored in a 48V advanced lead-carbon battery with a high rate partial state-of-charge capability, combined with 48V electrified ancillaries.

A first prototype vehicle was built to resolve constrained packaging concerns and develop an initial control system strategy.  CPT supplied the water cooled 48V SpeedStart and 48V TIGERS units and worked in collaboration to optimise the installation and activation strategies.

A second vehicle was built to finalise the installation and complete the system integration tasks.  The 1.5l Euro 6b turbo diesel Ford Focus based vehicle under-went extensive emission and fuel economy testing, achieving 11% fuel economy improvement when tested under strict certification conditions.

In 2017 the vehicle is being used to investigate the operation of a state-of-the-art 48V installation in Real Driving Emission testing.  This is demonstrating the excellent thermal management and dynamic controllability of the SpeedStart unit for both recuperation and motoring events, and very interesting off-cycle performance results for the TIGERS unit – generating up to 2.2kW.

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