Based on a 1.4 litre Volkswagen Passat, the LC Super-Hybrid combines next-generation lead carbon batteries with an electric super charger and a belt-driven integrated starter generator to enhance performance, extend mileage and lower emissions at an affordable cost.

Designed in both 12V and 48V architectures, the LC Super-Hybrid keeps CO2 emissions low while generating a very high torque, demonstrating that down-sizing a conventional engine in this manner can have a significant environmental impact without minimizing the driving experience.

The 12V vehicle focused on activation strategies for the B-ISG, achieving best-in-class stop start refinement and speed and reducing NEDC CO2 by 5%.

The 48V vehicle added 8-12kW of recuperation and 5-8kW of motoring capability to the 12V achievement and reduced NEDC CO2 by 13%.

Development of two vehicles enabled the consortium members to investigate the potential value of adopting 48V architecture over 12V and to develop the more complex activation strategies associated with mild hybrid operation. A key focus was the performance of the lead carbon batteries with more complex charging and discharging profiles, laying the foundation for the subsequent ADEPT programme.

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