A downsized engine that packs a big punch, improving vehicle efficiency without comprising performance.

“The UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB) sponsored HyBoost project was a collaborative research programme to develop an ultra-efficient optimised gasoline engine concept with “Intelligent Electrification”. The basis of the concept was use of a highly downsized 1.0L boosted engine in conjunction with relatively low cost synergistic ‘12+X’ Volt electrical management system and electrical supercharger technologies to deliver better value CO2 reduction than a full hybrid vehicle. Project targets of 99 g/km CO2 as measured over the European Drive Cycle (EDC) in a standard 2011 Ford Focus whilst maintaining the same performance and driveability attributes as a 2009 production 2.0L version of the car were achieved.” (Quote by gtr.rcuk.ac.uk)

CPT’s role in the Hyboost project in 2009 was to apply a ‘VTES’ electric supercharger to a 2011 Ford Focus. We also executed a technical feasibility study involving both simulation and rig testing of the exhaust gas energy recovery turbo-generator TIGERS in conjunction with Imperial College London.

The HyBoost project represented the effective preparation of the TIGERS concept and technology for application to other vehicle platforms.

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