The aim of the viper project was to demonstrate how a CO2 emissions reduction of 4.5% could be achieved over a broad range of new vehicles on the NEDC by efficiently optimizing control of heat energy in current conventional vehicles.

As part of this project CPT built on the success of the TIGERS system developed in in the HyBoost project and implemented it on a Jaguar XF vehicle.

The concept of direct turbo generation uses a gas flow turbine coupled to an electrical generator in order to extract work from the potential and kinetic energy of the exhaust gas flow.

CPT built a number of complete TIGERS units for the VIPER platform, which allowed demonstration of the technology on the project vehicle and perform extensive engine dynamometer testing.  The knowledge acquired from this project allowed CPT to evaluate the TIGERS technology on a number of OEM customer diesel, gasoline and hybrid vehicle applications.

The TIGERS system was integrated into the vehicle cooling system & the gas flow directly controlled the by-pass valves. The vehicle was fitted with an on-board load bank to absorb the electricity generated by the TIGERS and TEG systems.

The TIGERS system generated 500W continuously, 2kW peak and 1.3kW during final acceleration on the NEDC.

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Bob Gilchrist
September 2012
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